Nantong Guangrong Chemical Co., Ltd.

It mainly produces fine chemical products such as iminodiacetic acid,

iminodiacetic acid, two sodium salt, glycine, potassium bromide,

ammonium bromide, polyaluminum chloride and other two main products.


Product testing equipment, strict management, product quality.

Annual production capacity: subamine two acetic acid 4000 tons, subamine two acetic acid two sodium salt 2000 tons, glycine feed grade 1500 tons,
food grade 2000 tons, pharmaceutical grade 2000 tons, potassium bromide pharmaceutical grade 1000 tons, ammonium bromide pharmaceutical grade 500 tons, poly aluminum chloride 3000 tons.

Nantong Guangrong Chemical Co., Ltd.

Nantong Guangrong Chemical Co., Ltd. has advanced production equipment, mature and stable technology, complete product testing equipment, strict management and excellent products.

Nantong Guangrong Chemical Co., Ltd.

Nantong Guangrong Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Rudong County. It is only 30 kilometers to Yangkou Harbor. Our company covers an area of 30 mu and a construction area of 10,000 square meters. Currently we have over 100 employees and 15 of them are technical staffs. Our main products are iminodiacetic acid, DSIDA, Aminoacetic acid, potassium bromide, ammonium bromide , ammonium bromide, aluminium polychlorid and etc. The annual production capacity is 4,000 tons of iminodiacetic acid, 2,000 tons of DSIDA, 1,500 tons of feed grade Aminoacetic acid, 2,000 tons of food grade Aminoacetic acid, 2,000 tons of ……

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